6 Ways to Tell High- Quality T-Shirts Apart from the Imposters

Nov 02 2018


6 Ways to Tell High-Quality T-Shirts Apart from the Imposters


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It should go without saying: cheap t-shirts are cheap for a reason. Many reasons, in fact. But getting high-quality t-shirts doesn’t always come with a sky-high price tag, either. 

When buying a t-shirt online, it’s hard to tell what exactly you’re getting. You don’t have the benefit of seeing and touching it in person. Online reviews are almost worthless these days because of fake accounts and pay-for-play testimonials. What’s a t-shirt aficionado to do?

Today we’re sharing our secrets on how to choose a high-quality t-shirt you’ll want to wear for years versus a t-shirt that likely won’t make it through a few wash cycles. 

The Online Test: High-Quality T-Shirts Use High-Quality Fabric

Natural fibers like cotton are miles above synthetic ones when it comes to quality. Most t-shirt fans flock to 100% cotton because cotton wears well and prints look great. For the best cotton quality, look for ring-spun or combed cotton.

The fabric is usually posted somewhere in the item description, so look for the material type before adding it to your cart.

Testing T-Shirt Quality At Home

Some tests simply can’t be performed online, but you can know within moments of receiving your t-shirt whether or not you should send it back.

Check the Construction of the Stitching

A well-made t-shirt should be able to last long enough for your kids to notice how old it really is. They’ll recognize you’ve had it for years, and you’ll say that it’s just too good to throw away.

A t-shirt’s lifespan largely relies on its construction. Even with the right material, a poor construction could mean your t-shirt will soon be falling apart. Is the stitching even and flat with no loose strings? Does it have a high number of stitches (the more, the better)? Are stitches even? 

If you answer yes to all, it’s probably a keeper.


Look for Transparency

Hold up your t-shirt to the light and see how much filters through the fibers. If you can get a fairly clear picture of what’s on the other side of the fabric, it’s probably lacking adequate fibers to last for a long time. 

Perform the Wrinkle Test

Bunch up your t-shirt in your hand, then let it go. Does it wrinkle easily or do the wrinkles fall out immediately? Lots of wrinkles usually indicate bad quality. No wrinkles usually indicate synthetic fibers. High-quality t-shirts fall somewhere in the middle.

Match Up the Patterns

If you’re buying a t-shirt with an all-over pattern, look at the seams to see if the pattern matches up. High-quality clothing will be a perfect or almost-perfect match because it takes extra effort to make this seamless transition. 

Look at the Print Style

A higher price doesn’t always equal a higher-quality t-shirt. You need to consider how an image was printed on the t-shirt to see if you’re paying for printing or the shirt itself.