2019 T-Shirt Trends: Closest Essentials that are Lit AF!

Jan 06 2019

2019 T-shirt Trends: Closet Essentials that are Lit AF! Petty Print  Fashion brand with a flair for the simplistic and a unique petty style. It’s a new year in every sense of the word.  Once the clock strikes January, there’s a whole new world of food, fashion, events, and history-in-the-making to discover and explore.  T-shirt trends in particular are already gripping the 2019 fashion industry, but they’re not just about showing off your style. This year, it’s all about making a statement - YOUR statement!  Rock yo’ style in 2019 - these t-shirt trends are lit!  Huge Graphics No longer stuck in...

6 Ways to Tell High- Quality T-Shirts Apart from the Imposters

Nov 02 2018

Check the construction of sticking, look for transparency, perform the wrinkle test, match up patterns and look at Print style are the 6 ways to check for quality T-shirt’s at home.